Awaken your innate healing power through nature’s answer to an antibiotic, Bee propolis.

The healing power of nature


As a Naturopath, I very much work with the key principle:  “The healing power of nature”, which suggests that the body has its own innate ability to heal itself, given the correct conditions.

Living in accordance with nature however, such as eating fresh food; drinking clean water; resting and getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine, is unfortunately no longer the way of life, and instead we are exposed to polluted air and waters, and all sorts of other stresses, suppressing our vital force.

We therefore have to work a lot harder to keep ourselves healthy but nature is still within our reaches, if we look for it, and one way to embrace nature is to use bee propolis!

Bee propolis

Created from resins collected by bees from tree and plant buds, bees use propolis to sterilise hives, due to its great antimicrobial properties.

It also…

  • Boosts and modulates immunity via its antibiotic and immune regulating properties
  • Has anti-inflammatory actions due to its antioxidant bioflavonoids quercetin
  • Fights off symptoms of colds and flu
  • Helps calm anti-inflammatory skin conditions like acne,
  • Helps cellulite by stimulating tissue regeneration

Coming soon…. How propolis and other great antioxidants can help acne, at:

Help save the bees!

Not only do you benefit from the above actions by taking bee propolis, but you will also create demand, meaning more people will want to keep bees!

Bees are in decline due to many theories, such as the import of foreign species, loss of meadowlands as well as GMO pollen infecting the bees.  Bees however help provide at least a third of the food we eat, since trees would not be able to bear fruits without pollination, meaning the loss of tomatoes, peaches, almonds and even chocolate!

Therefore alongside planting flowers that bees love, putting up a bee house, or becoming a bee keeper, use bee propolis and demand for bees will continue….

Bee propolis products

Bee propolis can be found in quite a few products, but one I like is Unbeelievable Health’s Bee prepared Immune support products which also has many other amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as elderberry and olive leaf.

beeprepared Daily


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