Countdown to Christmas Day 3: Revitalise with fresh lemon!

lemons 3.12.15

With the Xmas parties about to start and more alcohol being consumed, try having some fresh lemon in water first thing!

Not only will it stimulate the liver and improve detoxification, but it also….

  1. Boosts the digestive tract and improves elimination – ensuring all toxins are removed from the body
  2. Boosts the immune system as it is high in Vitamin C – getting you  through the festive season and all those parties, in one piece!
  3. Supports the adrenals due to it vitamin C content – helping you through the stress of Christmas and end of year commitments
  4.  Improves skin as it is high in anti-oxidants and cleanses the blood – making you glow at those Xmas festivities!
  5. And many more…


  • Add half a lemon to some cold water and then add hot water to avoid killing the Vitamin C.
  • Drink it from a straw to prevent the acid eroding the tooth enamel
  • Don’t brush teeth straight afterwards to avoid the above.  If unavoidable, put some bicarbonate of soda on your toothbrush to alkalise the acid.



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