Countdown to Christmas Day 5: Natural gift ideas that don’t cost the earth


The weekend is here so perhaps a great time to hit the crowds and start finding those gifts for friends and family…

However, if that does not rock your boat, why not gift them a lovely homemade lipbalm?

Not only is it full of lovely natural oils and fragrances, but it is free from any nasty chemicals.

This lipbalm recipe is very moisturising as it contains almond oil, and the myrrh essential oil helps dry and chapped skin.  It also contains Vitamin E from the wheatgerm oil, which is an antioxidant and a preservative; and Vitamin C from the carrot oil.

20g beeswax

50ml almond oil

14ml wheatgerm oil

5ml carrot oil

2 drops of lemon essential oil

1 drop myrrh essential oil

  • Put the beeswax, almond, wheatgerm and carrot oils into a saucepan and heat slowly.  Stir until all the beeswax has melted.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
  • Add the essential oils, pour the mixture into a container and allow to set.

You can use little pots or try using an old lipbalm tube and filling that. In colder months, this works better as you are then putting it straight on the lips which I find warms up quicker than the hands!

Also, play around with the oils and essential oils for different properties and fragrances…






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