Countdown to Christmas Day 6: Boost your immune system with Bee propolis

Starting to feel the impact of the colder weather and Xmas festivities?

beeTry Bee propolis, a natural antibiotic and antiviral! Created from resins that bees collect from tree and plant buds, it is used by bees to sterilise hives due to its great antimicrobial properties.

It has been shown to reinforce immunity, by increasing cellular immune responses and regulating the immune cells responsible for eliminating a specific pathogen, helping with colds & flu and more. 

Also, it modulates the immune system, rather than overstimulating it, ensuring any inflammation caused in the immune response is controlled and suppressed, making bee propolis safe to take daily to help prevent disease and maintain good health.

Bee propolis can be found in quite a few products, but one I like is Unbeelievable Health’s Bee prepared Immune support products which also has many other amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as elderberry and olive leaf.

beeprepared Daily




Fischer G, Conceição FR, Leite FPL, et al. Immunomodulation produced by a green propolis extract on humoral and cellular responses of mice immunized with SuHV-1. Vaccine. 2007;25(7):1250–1256.[PubMed]



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