Countdown to Christmas Day 7: Try kombucha for a natural probiotic this festive season


If you find you are eating a bit more unhealthily as the mince pies and chocolates appear, try Kombucha to help ease the stomach.

Kombucha comes from ‘Kombu’s cha’, with Kombu reportedly being a Korean Doctor who used his tea drink to help with a stomach complaint.  It reached Russia around the 20th century and became a popular household beverage.

You could even try drinking it instead of wine as it has an almost cider’ish taste to it!

As it is fermented, it produces valuable substances such as gluconic and glucoronic acids, acetic and lactic acids, B vitamins, amino acids, yeasts, bacteria, antibiotic substances and other nutrients.  Glucoronic acid plays a big role in detoxification, with the other substances providing other health promoting properties such as probiotic effects and the regulation of gut flora, cellular strengthening, pH balance and metabolic balancing.

You can get Kombucha from a health food shop or try making you own!  See my previous post for doing this!


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