Countdown to Christmas Day 9: Keep grounded from the stress of to do lists as we approach Christmas!


Even though Christmas is a fun time, it can also get a bit stressful.

Not only are there lots of presents to buy, but usually we have deadlines at work, food to buy and prepare, and cards to write…

So, here are some tips to keep grounded during the silly season!




  1. Try taking up yoga.
  • Yoga is great to calm the mind and reduce stress.  Through flowing with the breath, you are able to come into a more meditative state where the mind becomes clear and the body feels lighter.  Even try hot yoga if you want to warm up this winter too!
  • I am teaching yoga classes in Fulham on Saturday mornings if interested, please see here for details:
  1. Try meditation
  • Meditation is another way of calming the mind, but what is great about meditation, is that it can also help you become more aware of your mind’s chatter.  By acknowledging your thoughts and learning not to react to your thoughts is very powerful.  This will not only help you to reduce stress around this time of year, but become a calmer person generally.
  • Try KMC meditation with centres around London at:
  1. Flower remedies
  • If the above do not help, or they are not your thing, try taking some flower remedies.  These are flowers that have been dried and put in to tinctures and help with a number of emotional characteristics including a busy mind, impatience, constant unwanted thoughts etc.
  • My two favourites are:

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