Countdown to Christmas Day 12: Party food ideas that are still healthy!

salmonStruggling with what to take to a party because you want to be healthy?

It is possible to have healthy snacks that are still very tasty so see below for some nice healthy ideas…



  • Smoked salmon – Not only does it look great, but it has a lovely salty taste and is great on oatcakes with humus and rocket!
  • party foodCrudites with humus – Take nice crunchy celery, cherry tomatoes,¬†courgettes and carrots with some nice dips such as homemade guacamole, humus etc.¬† Again, not only does it taste great, but brings great colour to a dinner table!
  • Salads – try beetroot, kidneys beans and spinach; rice and vegetable salad or try your own invention!
  • Roasted vegetables – again it looks great and nice served with salads, dips etc.
  • A nice selection of nuts and dried fruit
  • Homemade mincepies!¬† – See my previous post
  • Homemade chocolate balls! – See my previous post



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