My many meals in Mysore

I came to Mysore to learn more about Ashtanga, and what better place than in the home of Ashtanga, where Pattabhi Jois’s school resides, but I had no idea that I would end up here for almost 5 weeks!

To be honest, it was quite a difficult time for me, and I will write in more detail about that and my Ashtanga and back bending experiences soon, but typically only on leaving and arriving in Rishikesh with its crazy busy streets and much more expensive food, have I realised that I actually had quite a good thing there! Not dissing Rishikesh at all though, and excited about my time here but feel the need nevertheless to let others know about the great food in Mysore!

Yes, food seemed to fill up the majority of my mind most days in Mysore!  Maybe due to the intensity of the practice making me so hungry or maybe for the yummy food in general, but probably also due to my obsession with food being a nutritional therapist! 😉

The daily trip to the coconut man was probably one of the biggest highlights.  So much goodness in one coconut, it was my treat after each yoga class, and all for a whole 20p!  So I am definitely glad I made the most of this one, since I am back to cartons of it here in Rishikesh and apparently an extortionate 70p when you can find a real one! 😉

20160326_185003  20160228_094910 (1)

And not forgetting the ragi (millet) pancakes from the lovely Khushis café!  I am not usually a pancake person, but wow, these were good. Humus with cucumber and tomato and the yummy banana and cinnamon ones were amazing! The soft boiled eggs on ragi toast and energy balls from Chakra House weren’t bad either…

Other places for Western food and great breakfasts are Santosha Café and Anokhi Garden café.

image  santosha

I also did love indulging in the masala dosas from Sri Durgha restaurant for a whole 37p but I think once I started cooking for myself with fresh vegetables and eggs,  they did start losing their appeal! I think the taste, speed and cost definitely won over at first and its a good source of protein from the gram (lentil) flour and chickpeas in the chutney.  They are however fried and sometimes a bit heavy in this heat!

The idlis from the idli man are therefore a good substitute for quick, cheap, non fried food, probably coming in first on the cheap front at 5p each including the chutney!! They are rice cakes that have been steamed and again contain a good source of protein in that they contain fermented black lentils alongside the rice and again the chickpeas in the chutney (although this is not always the case).

Other options for cheap Indian food was Himalaya restaurant around the corner from our hostel with a thali for 50 rupees… and a square one at that!

20160326_154144.jpg 20160326_152316.jpg20160317_202045

20160320_203616.jpgOther nice eats were Dhatus for nice organic food of which I tried the yummy supergreen soup;



….as well as Anus cafe for an all you can eat buffet for 250 rupees.  A bit pricey but really nice sprouted salads, and Indian food, as well as a dessert.  They also do the infamous banana smoothie which you apparently eat from a bowl and is a meal in itself!

So, yes I am already missing the amazing food with so many options at great prices!  I think also having the option to cook my own food also helped, but I have just arrived in Rishikesh so still time for find out the best options here too!  I have already been offered to be served 3 meals a day of good nutritious Indian food to fatten me up… so watch this space! 🙂



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