Jump forward into Spring with seasonal eating!

April Farmers marketWith the clocks moving forwards one hour, marking the start of Spring, what better time than now to start eating according to the season.

Spring is the time for renewed energy, a fresh outlook and new ideas, and what about a fresh new approach to eating too?

Eating according to the seasons not only means you get to cook with produce when it tastes the best, but it is also when it is the most nutrient dense, and because it is fresh it also causes the least damage to the environment.

Eating locally also helps to reduce carbon footprint and ensures nutrient dense produce as it has not had to travel very far.  Add in organic to the mix and you will be bouncing into Spring with all those nutrients!

Your local farmers market is the best place to start because, not only do they provide a great day out, but they guarantee produce that is local, seasonal and organic (although do check as some do import some produce and not all are organic).

For March and April, try winter vegetables such as potatoes, swede, onions, as well as spring greens, salad mixes, herbs, bedding plants, Bramley apples and early spinach.

For more information on what’s available throughout the year, and where your nearest farmers market is, go to the Local Farmers Market website at:  http://www.lfm.org.uk/what-can-i-buy/in-season/


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