Ensure to get your Vitamin D as the nights draw in!

nov-16-vitamin-dWith the clocks going back last weekend, it unfortunately means earlier sunsets and less daylight hours ahead.  And we all know how good for us the sunshine can be…. especially in getting that dose of Vitamin D!

Most Vitamin D is obtained from exposure of the skin to sunlight, where ten minutes of exposure can result in approximately 400IU of cholecalciferol (D3, the active form).  It is therefore not really an actual vitamin, but when sun exposure is inadequate, dietary sources should also be considered.

This is the case, because Vitamin D has many functions such as increasing the uptake of calcium, boosting immunity, regulating autoimmunity, amongst others. So here are some tips in getting Vitamin D into your body as the days get shorter….

  • Try consuming animal products such as liver, fish oils, butter and egg yolk
  • Still try to get out into the sunshine as much as possible (or even just daylight if it is cloudy)
  • Try not to wear sunglasses unless really necessary to allow exposure via the eyes
  • Try to avoid sun cream unless really necessary to allow exposure via the skin (or at least for the first 15 minutes if the sun is still strong)
  • Supplement with a good Vitamin D product with advise from a healthcare practitioner
  • Have the supplements with fat as Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and this increases absorption



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