Healthy, cheap eating on the go!

20161025_103359So I have been travelling around Europe for the most part of the last 6 months and as a nutritionist, it has often been difficult to stay healthy.

For one, I often don’t even have a kitchen, so resort to things I can buy ready to eat.  When I do have a kitchen, it often consists of one hot plate and a microwave! And sometimes it has just been a matter of finding something to eat whilst on the road.

Yes, I could eat out, but I am on quite a budget now and trying to eat out as a vegan in Spain has been quite difficult so I may as well cook it myself!  I do still however like to eat out now and then, so that has meant that I have had to stop complete veganism1 at some points too.  And that is also ok.  It’s been a great lesson in acceptance and I do believe that it is also important to listen to our bodies!

However, despite all of this, I haven’t been eating all that badly, so I thought it may be nice to share my creations so other people in similar situations can have some healthier, quick meal ideas up their sleeves.  Especially when they may just want to give up and perhaps resign to having to eat that pizza when there is nothing else as a vegetarian, or even some chips as a vegan!

It has meant travelling a bit less lightly than I would like, as I have now resorted to carrying around the essentials so I don’t have to keep re-buying i.e. olive oil, salt, herbs and spices, garlic and onion; and keeping hold of every container I come across!

So, please keep an eye out for some quick, healthy, cheap and easy to make meal ideas on the go!

1See my post:  So why veganism? Coming soon…


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