Out and about in the day and want to eat cheaply and healthily?

20161127_144001It’s not always easy finding cutlery on the go, so I often carry around my baby fork and come across knives when I can…

So, I have learnt to open an avocado with a fork, stab it all the way around and then twist the top half!  And then at least you have the fork to scoop the avocado out with, a lot easier than with a knife.

Then buy some rice cakes and gazpacho and there you have your meal!

And if you find a knife, add some tomato on top too – yum!  Or just bite into one! 😉

Lemon would also be a great thing to add here too, again if you have a knife.  But it also depends on how long you are without a fridge and how much you want to carry to be honest…

And add the trusty Himalayan sea salt, of course!


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