What to eat with no kitchen, fridge nor plates?

20161120_212002.jpgSo these are the times where I struggle to be vegan1:

  1. I didn’t have any facilities to cook some decent vegetable protein
  2. The hostel restaurant only had sandwiches and meat soup
  3. I had to be discreet about what I ate as I wasn’t allowed food in the room and they wanted us to eat in their restaurant!


So a quick trip to the supermarket nearby and I snuck in a carton of gazpacho, a tomato, a tortilla and some olives!

Any other ideas obviously would be gratefully received! 🙂

It was actually eaten in their containers but I was lucky enough to have even plates and cups to eat the leftovers with (hence the photo!) ;).

1See my post on: So why veganism? Coming soon…


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