What to cook for dinner on a Sunday in Spain when shops are closed and you only have one pan?

20161121_224519Luckily I had a bit of broccoli and leek left in the fridge and found a sachet of miso soup which I brought with me just in case!

Plus the content s of my food bag: garlic, onion, salt, turmeric and paprika, it was actually really tasty!

It is also very warming so lovely to have after not having a kitchen for a while and eating lots of cold food.  It is also a great form of protein enabling me to keep up the veganism 1 for a while longer. 

Miso is also a fermented form of soy so if people are worried about soy’s bad name, you will be pleased to know that it doesn’t have such a strong goitrogenic effect (suppressing the thyroid) nor oestrogenic effect as processed soy, such as soy milks, tofu, edamame etc.  It also breaks down the anti-nutrients2, is easier on the digestive system and boosts beneficial bacteria in the gut3.


1See: So why veganism? In another blog post coming soon….



2Kaayla Daniel – The Thyroid summit

3Renegade Health


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