Natural hangover cures for the silly season!


The festive season is fun, but not so much the hangover!

However, instead of reaching for the Neurofen, I have some tips on how to prevent that hangover as well as what to do to if you get one! :/

1)     Start with a glass of water.

The reason why the first glass of wine usually goes down so easily is because we are dehydrated. Start with some water and then it may slow down the wine drinking a bit more!

2)    …And keep a glass of water with you all night

Keeping hydrated with water will not only slow down our drinking of alcohol but it will also dilute the alcohol, as well as give our liver the time to actually process the alcohol we are drinking, meaning less of a hangover…

3)     Don’t mix your drinks.

Keep to one or two types of drinks maximum to avoid extra pressure on the liver.

4)     Eat dinner beforehand

Protein and fats will slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed, so ensure to eat before or during a drinking session!

5)     Support your liver.

For that meal before or during, why not try some great foods and spices which nourish the liver and keep it functioning well (and as a regular diet of course…). Try bitter foods such as artichoke, chicory, kale, rocket to stimulate the liver and gallbladder, as well as turmeric, cinnamon, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onion, beetroot, avocado and lemon.

6) Have a green juice the next day

Not only are they full of vitamins and minerals, giving you a boost the morning after, but green vegetables are high in Magnesium and B vitamins that are easily depleted with alcohol. So, with your green juice and eating vegetables for dinner, your hangover could be a past memory!

7)     Rehydrate.

In addition to water, try some coconut water to replenish your electrolytes (often lost with alcohol) see my previous blog post. Fresh ginger tea is also great to rehydrate and to ease the stomach, as well as lemon and salt in water. Also, try hydrating foods such as watermelon, celery and cucumber.

9)  Sweat it out!

Exercise helps to stimulate the body’s metabolism, which naturally speeds up the excretion of alcohol in the body, as well as the metabolism of alcohol in the liver. However, if you really cannot face a morning after run, try hot yoga or a sauna to sweat out those toxins…

10) Eliminate…

Alcohol and toxins need to be excreted from the body via the bowels so it is important that you have regular bowel movements. If this is not the case for you, try taking some flaxseeds, psyllium husks or some other form of fibre the night before to move things along. Otherwise, the toxins will just get recycled back into your body, making that hangover ten times worse!


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