Countdown to Christmas Day 10: Some healthy mince pies for the festive season!

mince pies 10.12.15A nice gluten free and low sugar mince pie recipe so that you can still enjoy the festive treats without the consequences!

This time made with chestnut flour, which has quite a distinct taste, but is naturally sweet and a nice alternative…


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Embrace the pumpkin!

With the clocks turning back, the nights are going to draw in even quicker, so what better time to hibernate than now! This is a great time to nourish yourself and take some time out for you, whether that be with a good book, a nice warm bath or cooking up some nourishing food. And with Halloween on our doorstep, I thought a great Pumpkin recipe would be just the thing for some inspiration!

autumn pumpkinPumpkin is great because not only is it nice and sweet, but it is also high in fibre, low in saturated fats, and one of the richest sources of beta-carotene; giving a whole host of health benefits, as well as it’s lovely orange colour! It is also rich in other vitamins and minerals too, including Vitamin A, E, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and phosphorous.

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Chocolate high without the low….

I love chocolate but anything with too much sugar in it just gives me a massive high followed by a sugar crash, where I just start craving for more!…. with the foggy head to go with it…

choc ballsBy adding more fats and protein, and less sugar, glucose release is slowed so you can enjoy the chocolate and its density, without the highs and lows!

Here is a recipe for some chocolate balls and play around with the quantities to your liking.

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