My approach

I use a comprehensive case history form to get all the information I need about you and your individual requirements. This includes current presenting symptoms, family and medical history as well as dietary habits and lifestyle, some of which I will get from you prior to the consultation to save time. I then assess each body system to ensure I have looked at all potential triggers for your current health problem. I will also ask for any recent blood tests to ensure I am providing the most relevant nutritional advice.

My protocol is tailor-made to you by ensuring that I integrate my recommendations into your current lifestyle, making it as easy as possible to make the changes. This includes dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations, as well as recommendations on functional tests to help confirm a potential health concern or get to the underlying cause of a symptom. I also offer cooking classes, meal planning and personal shopping if you need further help with this.


The process can take time and I therefore recommend at least one follow up appointment to go through what changes have been made and where there may be challenges so I can adjust the protocol accordingly. Some improvements should however be seen immediately but it does also depend on your individual situation, including how well you stick to the protocol!

Other services

These include:  Ayurvedic consultations, personal shopping, meal planning with recipes and cooking classes.

Fees and locations

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