Yoga testimonials

“I had the pleasure of attending both a Yin Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa class with the wonderful Susan & both were completely exceptional. As an avid yogi, I was excited to come to Marbella to see what was going on in the Yoga scene and Susan was the one to give me this gift.  I took my dad to the class too, it was his first time in yoga and he suffers from lower back pains. He was able to follow Susan easily and she offered him loads of variations and assisting help with pillows etc for each asana.  This showed that she can work perfectly with full-time yogi’s and absolute beginners – all at the same time. The Yin class was explained with incredible detail and the Hatha class was a beautiful flow – I can only hope she’s still in Marbella when we come back next year and I get to do it all over again! ♥  Thank you Susan!”  Julie, Marbella September 2017


“I have really enjoyed coming to your classes during my short time in Marbella, wish it was longer.  You teach in the way that I experienced in India.  Focused but not competitive and open for all regardless of personal injury.  The true spirit  of yoga which is often misunderstood in the fitness culture of the west.  Your use of Lavender oil at the end of class was wonderful.  I wish you well in Marbella and your onward journey.  Thanks and best wishes”.  Nicky, Marbella, February 2017


“For me it was a big pleasure.  You had the patience that I needed.  Loved doing yoga with you.”  Sharon, Marbella, February 2017


“I attended a 3 day yoga retreat led by Susan Alexander in October 2016. Nestled in the vineyards outside Barcelona, we immersed ourselves in yoga, meditation, relaxation and education.  I was soon struck by Susan’s broad knowledge base.   Not only was she clearly very skilled in yoga, but her teaching also integrated theory from her expertise in nutrition and Ayurveda.   From my perspective as a doctor and General Practitioner, I was struck by Susan’s holistic approach to health.   Much of what she taught resonated with my own health experience.  I was indeed so fascinated that I joined an extra session in Ayurveda taught by her at the retreat, and later went on to request an Ayurvedic and Naturopathic consultation for myself.

She is an excellent teacher; she individualises her approach according to the capability of each student.  As a health practitioner, she listens, puts her clients at ease and her recommendations are patient-centered and specific.  As a total novice to yoga and alternative health, I look forward to implementing my personalised health protocol and exploring yoga and Ayurveda in more depth.”   Farhana, Barcelona, October 2016