I came to Yoga over 16 years ago and loved the impact it had on my mind and body so much, that I left advertising to deepen my practice and share my love of yoga with others.

I attained my Yoga Alliance certification (RYT 200) in India with influences from Swami Sivananda and I have also attained over 100 hours training at the Sivananda ashram in India as well as under Claire Missingham and Clive Sheridan using intense pranayama and meditation practices.

I then recently obtained my 300 hours in India with Trimurti where I learnt further techniques for connecting with my students in adjustments and alignment as well as bringing in traditional chinese medicine and 5 elements into my teaching.

My technique still encompasses the basis of Hatha Yoga but with Vinyasa where I love synchronising the asanas to the breath, calming the mind through a meditative flow.  I then also like to hold certain asanas enabling the student to feel into the pose and adjust accordingly. This increases the physical and mental forces, and purifies the energy channels throughout the body; removing blockages and helping to alleviate injuries.

Breathing techniques are also introduced to detoxify the body and alleviate stress by allowing energy to move through the chakras, restoring the body’s natural balance.

I also offer private yoga classes and chakra meditation and often use these as a Naturopath and Nutritional therapist, due to their complementary nature.

If this interests you, please do contact me on 07775 917705 or

Susan Alexander - Yoga Teacher in London



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