Yoga Classes

I am currently teaching 5 Elements Hatha Vinyasa classes at The Farmacy in Marbella.



Centro Comercial El Capricho (junto La Caixa)
Boulevard Principe de Hohenlohe – Marbella
Tel: 952 77 14 11 / 684 047 303




  • Mondays 6-7:15pm
  • Thursdays  6-7:15pm


5 Elements Hatha Vinyasa

Using the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), I lead you along a lovely vinyasa flow, bringing focus to a different area of the body and opening the chakra specific to that element of the day.

The elements determine the dynamics of the class to some extent (i.e. earth is more grounding; fire is more strength/core), but each class is energising; combining a revitalising flow sequence to the breath, with holding poses to purify the energy channels throughout the body.

Some pranayama and meditation are also introduced to detoxify the body and alleviate stress, restoring the body’s natural balance.